2019 NV Passenger

The new 2019 NV Passenger is part of the Nissan NV gen introduced in 2012. This latest passenger van model is simple, sturdy, well-built, and made to perform. It is available in the NV3500 HD S, NV3500 HD SV, and NV3500 HD SL trims. All three trims feature three doors and four rows and can be used as personal vehicles or as a fleet.

The 3500 SL trim is fitted with a 5.6L 8-cylinder 7-speed automatic transmission, while the 3500 S is fitted with a 4.0L, 6 cylinders...continue reading

Why Buy a Nissan?

When there are several manufacturers making reliable cars everywhere, the question arises why to buy a Nissan? The well-built roads and rough terrains marked by hot summers and wet rainy days make it necessary to own a car that is capable of handling it all. In short a Nissan.

Value for money
With a Nissan, you will get your moneys worth. Nissan offers budget-friendly vehicles and theres one that fits yours as well. In addition to budget-friendly cars, Nissan also manufactures high-end...continue reading