Which Nissan Cars Have All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drives are a newer innovation in automobile wheel design. Vehicles that utilize the AWD powered wheels are becoming more common in 2020, and Nissan has upped the ante. Sansone Nissan in Neptune, New Jersey hosts some of the best cars from Nissan on the market which utilize AWD powered wheels. 

AWD technology works by automatically distributing torque to the wheels that need it, depending on the terrain and the climate. The technology monitors both the ground underneath the wheels well as the weather, and after analyzing how much torque should be sent to the wheels in the front and rear axles, depending on the traction. 

Basically, AWD technology ensures that the car can easily adapt to various terrains and weather situations. 

Cars with AWD technology from Nissan that you should watch out for:

AWD powered wheels are becoming a good contender against 4WDs, and Nissan hasn't let its AWD catalog fall behind. Nissan's range of cars with AWD technology in 2020 include: 

1. Nissan Altima: Nissan's first sedan to feature AWD power wheels.

2. Nissan Rogue: The only available hybrid model from Nissan that has AWD powered wheel technology. 

3. Nissan Rogue Sport: Designed to look like a cool sports car and with ample cargo space, the addition of AWD powered wheels to this vehicle just makes it that much more powerful on the road. 

4. Nissan Murano: AWD, Cruise Control and Nissan's 4 Wheel Independent Suspension system come together to give you a smooth riding experience. 

5. Nissan GT-R: This car from Nissan uses the advanced ATTESA-E TS AWD technology to give you superior performance even among cars with AWD powered wheels. 

If you live in Neptune, New Jersey and are looking for a car with AWD powered wheels from Nissan, then Sansone Jr’s 66 Nissan is exactly what you have been looking for. This car dealership has all the latest AWD powered car models from Nissan. You can stop by Sansone Nissan if you live in Freehold, Ashbury Park or Belmar, as well as these areas in New Jersey, are serviced by our car dealership. 

Source: Nissan