Simple Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

It is important to have your car ready for spring, especially after a season like Winter, which can be harsh on your vehicle. Winter slush and salt can damage components such as brakes and wiper blades.

Getting your car ready for Spring need not be expensive. With an authorized auto service, you get access to expert car service at affordable costs, the way it is at our service center. Our auto service is located at Neptune, NJ – just a brief drive away if you are in Belmar, Freehold, or Asbury Park.

We can help you with the following essential car services for spring:

Undercarriage Cleaning

The undercarriage of your car gathers winter grime, salt, slush and other winter debris. Without regular cleaning, such debris can accumulate on the undercarriage, ultimately leading to corrosion.

Engine Area and Battery Cleanup

Do not forget to clean under the hood! You may use some soap water and a soft mitt to remove dust, dirt and grime off the engine. Winter weather leads to a buildup of leaves and other debris on and nearby the engine, which, if not cleared, enters the car, eventually leading to poor indoor air quality.

Winter can cause a white layer to form on the battery. This is a result of corrosion. Left uncleared, this layer intensifies its presence, which causes starting problems. Cleaning the battery not only prevents corrosion but also prepares the system for the warmer climate ahead.

Attention to Tires

Cold weather may lead to the tires losing their pressure. On the other hand, warmer temperatures of spring can over-inflate the tires.

Both these tire conditions are undesirable. They wear down your tires prematurely and lower traction, which can be dangerous on roads.

Tire rotation, or the repositioning of tires, may not be required if you have them rotated regularly. If not, it is recommended that you get them rotated and aligned so that they wear uniformly. This is important for extended tread life and increased traction.

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Source: Pexels