Safety Alert: Signs Your Nissan Needs New Brakes

Keeping the brakes of your car running smoothly is essential in maintaining the health of your vehicle. There are plenty of signs that your Nissan will exhibit before the brakes fail completely. So it is vital that you know all these warning signs and keeps yourself in the loop regarding any repairs needed.

Signs Your Brakes are Failing:

  • Leaking liquid near any wheel of your car, both on the floor and on the wheel.
  • Squeaking or grinding sounds every time you press the brakes. These sounds can be soft or whiny and loud, depending on the extent of damage that your brakes have experienced.
  • The pedal of your brake seems soft and mushy when you press down on it.
  • The brake pad near the spoke of the wheels has worn down. If less than one-fourth of the braking pad remains, you may want to have it replaced immediately.
  • You feel that something is burning inside your car whenever you operate it, despite no visible evidence of the car heating up.
  • The vehicle starts vibrating every time you hit the brake pedal. Every so often, the car may start swerving in one direction. This happens when there are varying levels of brake fluids present in the wheels.
  • The gauge cluster of your model has switched on the warning brake light. This light is the most significant indication that there's something wrong with the brakes in your car. If you ignore this major alert, all other troubling signs of defects will follow promptly thereafter.

Getting anxious over failing brakes is natural. It is a ticking time bomb not only for your vehicle but also for the passengers in your car and the surrounding vehicles. 

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