Simple Steps to Prepare Your Nissan for Winter

Preparing your Nissan ensures that the vehicle is fit to handle the pressures of the cold season. Here are some recommended practical steps:

1. Send your vehicle for regularly scheduled maintenance
It's recommended to follow the maintenance schedule in the owner manual. Regular maintenance in winter can be a lifesaver. As a result, keeps your car in top shape for the season and reduces any risk of accidents.

2. Toughen your Nissan with a fresh coating of wax
A coat of wax can do wonders for your Nissan’s exterior. Winter elements such as frost and snow can damage the paint and make it unpleasing. A fresh layer of wax a few months before the winter can preserve the outer coating from such harsh elements.

Another way to prevent harm to the exterior body is to wash it often. Especially on the underside and wheel wells, which are more prone to ice, snow, or salt build-up.

3. Replace worn-out tires
Tires impart the traction essential to maintain your grip on wet winter roads. Tires with adequate tread depth and pressure offer the best protection for winter. Try the penny test by inserting a penny upside down into a tire’s tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it's time to carry out a replacement.

Be it under-inflated or over-inflated, the tires are risky during the winter. Check your tire pressures often. Ensure you maintain the pressure specified by the owner’s manual.

4. Check the working condition of your battery
Freezing temperatures affect the battery's performance. You wouldn’t want to end up with a car that refuses to start first thing in the morning. Check your battery’s electrolyte level, and if it's below the lead plates, re-fill it to the right level.

Visit Sansone Jr's 66 Nissan, your local Nissan Service Department for a complete inspection and service. Our experts can boost up the electrolyte and recharge the battery if needed. Also, tighten and clean your Nissan’s battery in case it's dirty or if the cables are loose.

Experience the true strength of your Nissan this winter! 

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