Nissan's Snug Kids Child Safety Seat Program

Nissan's Snug Kids Child Safety Seat Program

Car seats are one of the best safety mechanisms for children. Japanese automobile conglomerate Nissan has taken conventional car seats and transformed them into a state-of-the-art child safety innovation. 

Introducing the Nissan Snug Kids™ Child Safety Seat Program. 

What is Nissan Snug Kids™? 

The Snug KidsTM program represents a specialized technology that provides child occupants with the protection and head/neck/chest support they need to stay safe during the drive.

The most excellent part about the Nissan Snug Kids™ is that the car seat and seat restraints have been built to the exact specifications of individual Nissan models. The company’s Child Passenger Safety Technicians (who are some of the most experienced personnel) have invested years investigating each Nissan car in-depth to identify their safety strengths, weaknesses, and engineering design. 

Utilizing this information, the team has developed a line of specialized cars seats with unique child restraints to each car.

Nissan offers a Child Safety Seat Fit Guide, which car owners can use to find the Snug Kids which is ideal for their Nissan car. 

Types of Nissan Snug Kids™ child restraints

There are three types of child restraints available in the Snug Kids™ seat program: 

  • Rear-facing seat is designed for newborns and children up to 1 year old. This seat provides full-body restraint, plus increased support to the neck, head and back areas. It is ideal for children who can’t sit-up yet. 
  • Forward-facing seat has been established for children between 1 & 3 years of age. Smaller built children of 4-5 years too can be seated in the forward-facing seat. This seat is prime when your child is learning to sit-up or can sit-up without help. 
  • The booster seat is a seat designed for children between four & ten years of age. This seat doesn’t come with the arm and chest restraints that the other two seats do. Only thigh restraints are provided to keep older kids in place. 

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Source: Nissan