Nissan Intelligent Mobility: Technology Evolved

Nissan is a car brand unlike any other, thanks to its consistent efforts to integrate the latest technology in their cars. The technology suite called Intelligent Mobility has been making waves in the automobile industry. Its driver-assistance features are meant to make the driving experience more comfortable than ever before. Let’s dive into all the features that make up the Intelligent Mobility suite. For a closer look and feel of the suite, feel free to visit Sansone Jr’s 66 Nissan near Freehold, Belmar, and Asbury Park.

Effortless Parking

Nissan cars that feature the Intelligent Mobility suite can virtually park themselves, thanks to the Intelligent Around View Monitor. It is a feature that is sure to come in handy in crowded parking lots.

Thanks to this feature, you will have greater visibility of everything that’s around your vehicle. It eliminates the possibility of colliding with other cars and obstructions in your car’s vicinity.

Safety Shield 360 Features

The Safety Shield 360 suite of features consists of several technologies that have been designed to protect your car on all sides. The suite’s features include Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Automatic Braking, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and High Beam Assist.

Lane Departure Warning alerts drivers when they change lanes without meaning to. Blind Sport Warning alerts drivers with a sound if another car is detected in your blind spot area. Rear Automatic Braking stops the car automatically from crashing into static and stationary objects or people behind you. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert alerts drivers of an approaching car when they back out of parking spots. High Beam Assist ensures sufficient lighting for late-night drives.

Propilot Assist Technology

The ProPilot Assist technology is designed to alert drivers to stopped cars, road hazards, pedestrians, and other obstacles in front of the car. If drivers fail to manually stop their cars, this feature can save them from hitting an obstacle by automatically stopping the car.

To get a feel of the ProPilot Assist technology, pay a visit to Sansone Jr’s 66 Nissan, which is not very far from the cities of Belmar, Freehold, and Asbury Park, making it your go-to Nissan Keyport NJ. 

Source: Nissan