The History of Nissan Sports Cars

If you’re a sports car enthusiast or simply interested in learning about how Nissan entered the sports car segment, you will find this article an interesting read.

2019 Officially Marks Nissan’s Foray into the Sports Car Segment

The Japanese automobile manufacturer entered the exclusive sports car segment officially last year, but this isn’t Nissan’s first brush with sports cars. In fact, Nissan has a rich legacy of sports car production. 

It was 1967 when Nissan started work on its first-ever line of sports cars. Named the Prince Motors’ Skyline range, the cars were developed in collaboration with Prince Motors, which merged with Nissan the same year. Prince Motors was an established sports car manufacturer at the time and brought to Nissan its extensive experience in assembling sports vehicles. 

The first in-house developed sports car by Nissan was the GT-R performance model, which was launched in 1969. The first Z car soon followed suit. Closely following on its toes came the Datsun 240Z – Nissan’s most affordable and best-performing motorsport vehicle. Racer John Morton drove this Nissan sports car through 1970-71, familiarizing the world with Nissan’s engineering capability and technical skills. 

The two-door Skyline GT-R was introduced at the 1970 Tokyo Motor Show. The Fairlady Z 432 released the year after. It was the first Nissan sports car model to sport magnesium alloy wheels, a standard feature in all Nissan vehicles today. 

The year 1984 marked the 50th founding year of the Japanese auto-manufacturing brand, which is when the special 300ZX Nissan Turbo was launched. In 1989, the fourth generation 300ZX Turbo was released. In 1992, Nissan launched its first convertible- the Z32. Several sports cars were launched in the years that followed.

Latest Developments in the Nissan Sports Cars Range

Nissan’s Z series of sports cars were discontinued for some time and resumed full-fledged production in 2003 with the release of the 350Z Coupe. In 2015, the 370Z Nismo Roadster Concept introduced the world to Nissan’s Nismo lineup of sports cars. 

The Nissan sports car wing is planning to ring in its 50th birthday with a special 370Z Anniversary Edition. The release of 600HP turbo-charged GT-R Nismo will also be made available for purchase in 2020.

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