How to Properly Install New Windshield Wiper Blades

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You can save a lot of money by undertaking several vehicle maintenance activities yourself. While you do need to go to the mechanic for regular upkeep, you can save a lot by fixing minor issues yourself.

You know it is time to change your windshield wiper once the rubber blades start drying out and weathering. The obvious visual inspection signs include squeaky wipers, streaks of mud or water on your windshield, and a milky film on your windshield when the wiper is at work.

Buying New Wipers

Before installing new wipers, you have to buy them. Make sure that you are equipped with the make and model number for the best results. There will be many windshield models for your car with several price ranges. Do not buy the most expensive or the cheapest wiper on sale. A better idea is to opt for the average-priced one.

Installing New Wipers

To begin fitting a new wiper, pull up the wiper assembly and keep it vertical. Turn the blade perpendicular to the arm, so that you can see the hinge on the assembly. There is a small tab on one side of the hinge, which will disassemble with a small pop. Once the blades are removed, you will only have the unprotected wiper arms on your windshield.

Do not leave the wiper arms hanging up. They may fall, which will cause your windshield to crack, splinter, or break. You may have to end up paying more to fix your windshield as a result. Place some padding between the wiper arm and your windshield to prevent damages.

To insert the new blade, insert the wiper arm through the best-sized hole. To understand which hole to insert the arm in, adjust the hinge and line it so that the arm's hook goes over the hinge. If the fitting is perfect, you will hear a click when the new blade sets into position.

Equipping windshield wipers properly takes effort and a lot of patience. For any assistance on Nissan wiper installation in Neptune, NJ, our dealership is just a short drive away from Asbury Park, Belmar, and Freehold