How To Fight Off Drowsy Driving

It is estimated that drowsy drivers represent a possible cause for a maximum of 6000 fatal vehicle collisions every year in America. Plus, an estimate of adult drivers falling asleep while driving is put at 1 in 25. Drowsiness can be a result of a lack of adequate sleep, sleep disorders, alcohol consumption, and medications. It reduces a driver’s focus driving on the road and can delay the response time to situations that may require a swerve or the application of brakes.

Ways to Sustain Your Alertness While Driving

1. Get adequate sleep.

Get 7 or more hours of sleep before you start the trip. If possible, prevent journeys during hours that happen to be your sleep time. If you find yourself exhausted, it's choicest to avoid the journey.

3. Avoid driving alone whenever possible.

A study by ULCA shows that 82% of incidents resulting from drowsy driving involve a single individual operating the vehicle.

The risk of drowsy driving in Neptune, NJ can be considerably reduced if you include passengers with you.

3. Take naps in between.

Take naps every 2 hours or for each 2-mile leg to keep yourself active behind the wheel. Utilize rest stops that allow you to relax if such facilities are possible on your route. A 15-minute nap should be enough to be fresh for the road ahead.

4. Open the windows.

Letting in outside air can remove the carbon dioxide inside and give you energy. Carbon dioxide in vehicle interiors can cause drowsiness, especially so if your vehicle is overcrowded.

5. Consume smart

Consuming caffeine in the form of coffee or even teas that contain the stimulant can keep your senses running. But do not utilize it as a substitute for good sleep.

6. Be aware of the signs of drowsiness

Signs You Are Getting Drowsy:

1. If you are blinking or yawning repeatedly
2. Driving the past few miles has escaped your memory
3. You are moving away from your lane
4. You are hitting a rumble strip

If you notice these warning signs, immobilize your vehicle at a secure spot and nap immediately.

Follow these safety precautions to make your upcoming trip enjoyable. If you are driving near Belmar, Freehold, or Asbury Park, take the time to visit Sansone Jr's 66 Nissan and discover our fabulous deals.