AWD vs. 4WD vs. 2WD Vehicles

Compare Drive Styles: AWD, 4WD, and 2WD

The powertrain of an automobile is responsible for generating the power for the car to move. When we talk about terms like 2WD, 4WD & AWD, we're essentially referring to the wheels to which the powertrain directs the energy it produces. 

1. Two Wheel Drive (2WD) refers to when the engine/powertrain conveys the power generated to two of the car’s four wheels. If the leading wheels receive energy, the vehicle is observed to have a front-wheel-drive (FWD), and if the rear wheels receive the power, it is stated to be a rear-wheel-drive (RWD).

2WD automobiles are typically used for smaller city use. They are in fact the most conventional vehicles on-road today. They aren’t intended to be used in off-roading drives. FWD cars are good for city roads that gain steep elevations since the power to the front wheels rams the car forward. 

In the same way, RWD motor vehicles are primary when you need to transport bulky items in the Nissan or require a vehicle that can evenly distribute weight. That’s why smaller trucks have RWD.

2. Four Wheel Drive (4WD) is when the powertrain sends energy to all four wheels of the car. In some models, the car will remain in 2WD until the driver automatically enables the 4WD. This drive is extremely useful on really rough terrain or for adventure sports. 

The power provided to all four wheels ensures the car is stable and fast on uneven terrain. This is why most SUVs, crossovers, more massive trucks, and some types of sports vehicles have 4WD. 

3. All Wheel Drive (AWD) remains a sophisticated version of the 4WD. Here, unlike 4WD however, all four wheels simultaneously receive the output generated by the engine. AWD vehicles are exceptionally well-suited for city roads riddled with potholes, ice, sand, and other challenges. Whenever the system detects the car slipping or shaking too much, the unstable wheel receives more power, which helps it stabilize once again. 

AWD vehicles are ideal for people who operate their cars extensively in places with adverse driving conditions.

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Source: Nissan