Nissan Express Service

Nissan Express Service is a maintenance package offered by Nissan which allows you to avail service and maintenance for your Nissan vehicle in as little time as possible. Nissan has introduced this package in order to offer their superior services to perfectly complement your busy lifestyle. With the Nissan Express Service package, you can visit a Nissan service center during the Express Service hours and carry out a full basic service for your car in the most time-efficient manner.

What are the services offered by Nissan Express Service?

You can stop by any Nissan service center, without an appointment, and avail the Nissan Express Service. You will be offered a variety of service and maintenance options to choose from, and the repairs will be carried out by a car maintenance expert to your complete satisfaction. Here are some of the services included in the Nissan Express Service-

Oil & Filter Change
Air Filter Replacement
In-Cabin Microfilter Replacement
Tire Rotation & Balance
Battery Diagnostic Check & Replacement
Brake Services
Shocks & Struts
New Tires
New Wipers
Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Complimentary Multi-point Inspection

With every Nissan Express Service, you can enjoy the complimentary multi-point inspection facility. This inspection can include services ranging from inspecting any wear and tear in the brake pads to measuring tread depth in the tires. The different point of inspection includes – interior, exterior, oil, under the hood, batteries, brakes, and tires.
At the end of ever Nissan Express Service, the experienced Service Advisors will provide you with an easy-to-read report that details all the services carried out for the day. Moreover, the report will also let you know if any parts of the car need additional servicing, and will schedule an appointment for the same. The Service Advisors work with you to ensure that your Nissan car is functioning at the highest levels of performance.
Along with every Nissan Express Service, you will also be offered complimentary brake and battery inspection. You can also opt to top-up the engine oil with the technician-recommended oil for your engine type.
It is important to get your car serviced every once in a while, in order to spot any areas of concern and to keep the engine working in top order. Visit your preferred the Nissan Express Service at Sansone Jr's 66 Nissan in Neptune