5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Nissan Last Longer

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No secret ensures the longevity of your vehicle. Cars that are maintained better live a longer life as compared to those regularly subject to wear and tear. Keep your Nissan clean and protect it to ensure it lasts longer.

  1. Act On All Safety Recalls
    Stay on top of all the recalls made by Nissan. If your make or model number has been recalled for additional services or repairs, do not delay in sending your car to the nearest Nissan dealership in Neptune, NJ. Your vehicle is made of several interconnected parts, and a small malfunction could soon escalate into a bigger one.

  2. Drive With Care
    Every time you drive with care translates to more freedom from the hassle of continuous repairs. Do not race during start-up. Push the accelerator and brake pads slowly, unless you are in an emergency. The engine and drivetrain weather quickest during the first 20 minutes of operation.

  3. Complete All Your Short Driving Trips Together
    Tackle all your short driving trips together into a long outing. Buy your groceries, pick up your laundry, and complete your remaining errands at one time. By consolidating your short trips, you are reducing the weathering on your engine, thus preserving its longevity.

  4. Do Not Idle Your Car For Long Periods
    Idling your car for long periods can severely impact the life of your car, especially when it is new. The oil pressure generated during this time does not send the lubricant to every part of your engine. If you have to make a long stop, turn off the engine. When starting the engine again, keep the RPMs below 3,000.

  5. Regular Maintenance Is A Top Priority
    Keep your car maintained at all times. A maintenance schedule usually includes oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and replacements for damaged parts. Regular maintenance is a much-needed investment to preserve the life of your car. If you live in the colder regions, be sure to keep salt off the exteriors.

Scheduling proper maintenance for your model can help prolong its life and keep it going strong for miles. Schedule an appointment with Sansone Jr’s 66 Nissan to ensure the upkeep of your car. If you live in the cities of Asbury Park, Belmar, or Freehold, we are a short drive away from you.

Source: Nissan